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At Academic Writing Experts, our aim is to offer outcomes that speak a language of excellence. Hence, when clients request us to construct their thesis, we ensure that the quality of the product is maintained throughout the project.

We have appointed professional writers who are native speakers of the English language. Additionally, our writers possess years of experience as well as the necessary qualifications to write a prodigious thesis. As the focus of our services is client satisfaction, our writers are driven by passion and the desire to please our customers. Hence, our enthusiasm pushes our services to compose a thesis that is worthy of an A grade!

Our writers follow a strategic pattern when constructing any project. We from an outline, lay down plans and collaborate with the researchers to intricately build the content of the thesis. We prioritize the manufacturing of the thesis statement as it is the most important element of the entire project.

Our Expertise Is The Forerunner In The Superiority Of Our Work.

We, at Academic Writing Experts, consider ourselves to be the best at what we do. We can answer our client s question, how to write a good thesis statement with sophistication and precision. Our work is the epitome of elegance and grace. Our experts lay out the proper groundwork to frame a thesis statement in a way that reflects the entire gist of the topic in a refined gesture.

Following the demands of our customers, we assemble a thesis statement for their project. In case the client requests for a direct thesis statement, we ensure that our skills are demonstrated in a straightforward manner to accentuate the client s work. In the same vein, when the customer s request is to utilize an indirect thesis statement in their work, we follow their advice unequivocally. The reflection of our work can be observed in the thesis statement examples presented below:

  • It is essential for the current population to guard the whales against extinction considering our planet s health.
  • Increased smoking results in a detrimental impact on a person s wellbeing & may result in the loss of appetite, cardiovascular problems and lung cancer.
  • Both nature and nurture play a significant role in the child s ability to learn.

With the demonstration of these examples, our clients can gain an insight into what our services offer. Furthermore, by learning from these examples, our clients are encouraged to adapt the stated writing style and manipulate the structure in accordance with the content of their project.

To comply with our customer s level of contentment, we provide a sample thesis statement on our website. As a consequence of this, the expectations of the clients in regards to our services, can be confirmed before they place their trust with our website. Moreover, with a thesis statement format present on our website, we educate our clients to construct their projects exceptionally. As a result, our clients are capable individuals who have the skill set to perform their task, but still rely on our assistance in dire times.

In case, our clients struggle with the introduction element of a thesis statement, our writers have shared their expert advice on how to start a thesis statement. The first and foremost piece of information an individual requires during the composition process of their thesis is, where should the thesis statement be?

The thesis statement should be strategically placed in the introduction section of your project. In case of an essay, the thesis statement should be positioned in the last line of the introductory paragraph. However, in case of a research paper, the statement should be situated in the introduction section, in the conclusion of the first paragraph. This adds an element of complexity and multifariousness in the content of the paper.

Once the positioning has been sorted out, the next step should be to identify the type of project. If the paper is contingent upon persuasion, the thesis statement should be built on that basis. In persuasive projects, the thesis statement should be comprised of an opinion followed by an assertion of factors that make the said opinion valid. Whereas, an informative thesis should constitute entirely of the intentions of the paper and the applied method to reach a particular conclusion.

Next, the statement should be concise yet flexible. The entirety of the research s quality is directly proportional upon the eminence of the thesis statement. Thus, the thesis statement should briefly identify the topic while explaining the entire gist of the paper s content. However, it is crucial to create a statement in a way that it offers flexibility. With that said, an occurrence of a new evidence that enhances the paper can be integrated into the work without having to alter the thesis statement to accommodate it.

The purpose of a thesis statement is to provide an idea of your research to the reader. Once, the reader comprehends the substance of the project; they can decide whether it meets their necessities or not. The thesis statement provides an opportunity for the readers to detect the gist in the beginning of the paper which allows them to save time.

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As apparent from the good thesis statement examples presented above, construction of an outstanding thesis statement requires expertise and practice. On that premise, allow our writers to utilize their skills and conduct careful manipulation of data, so they can create a malleable yet detailed thesis statement to earn you an exceptional grade in your academic projects!

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