Terms & Conditions

At Academic Writing Experts, we put the maximum amount of effort to facilitate our clients as much as we can and to make sure that the best interest of our clients is always ensured. We have a set of rules that govern all of our dealings.

The following are our terms and conditions of use. It is mandatory for all clients to read through the entirety of this page before placing an order with us, as the placement of an order confirms that you have read, understood and agreed to all of our policies.

Please note that in the following set of rules, the terms ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ are exclusively used for Academic Writing Experts unless stated otherwise.

Trademark Symbol And Copyright Issues

All content that is available for viewership or programming paired with the software available for use is solely the intellectual property of Academic Writing Experts. This includes all graphics, textual and software material. It is therefore illegal for any person to reuse or recreate any of the above for any service or otherwise that does not belong to Academic Writing Experts.

Contact Information:

We may use mediums such as telecommunication or emails to relay information regarding the progress of a client’s work or to communicate information regarding new offers or promotions. Our clients can get in touch with us via our ‘live chat’ feature, email, phone call or by submitting a query form.

Payment Details:

It is necessary that clients clear all of their dues as soon as possible because work on orders or any other service will only begin once all dues have been cleared. Dues can be cleared by making a direct bank transfer into our bank account or via PayPal. Our banking details may be obtained from our customer representative team.

Information Regarding Clients’ Privacy:

The privacy of all clients is maintained to a very high level of security and is in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the Companies Act. Hence, no private information is shared with any unauthorized person. Information may, however, be disclosed to authorized individuals if and when demanded by the jurisdiction.

Liabilities Of Use Of Service:

Any losses or damages to property or otherwise, stemming from the misuse of any of our services will not be our responsibility.

Account Security:

All clients will be given initial account credentials such as usernames and passwords. It will thereon be the responsibility of the client to maintain the security of the account. We strongly recommend that the client change their passwords and usernames immediately after receiving the initial ones.

Policy Changes:

We at Academic Writing Experts reserve the right to evaluate and change any policy at any given time as deemed necessary. It is the client’s responsibility to stay updated with our policies, which will be available for viewership to all viewers as soon as changes have been made.

Cancellation policy:

  • If an order with a deadline of 48 hours is cancelled after 24 hours of placement, then the company holds the right to hold back 50% of the amount as service charges.
  • Orders with a deadline of 8-24 hours will not be eligible for a refund.
  • The cancellation amount of any given order will be compensated after 25-30 business days from the time the order is cancelled.
  • Not all orders will be allowed to receive a 100% refund.
  • Cancellation after 72 hours of order placement will not be accepted for dissertations.

Revision Policy

Kindly read all policies while using our services. When you place the order, the company assumes you agree to all policies.

  • Students are obligated to attach all the necessary details regarding their orders. All instructions should be provided. Otherwise, the company cannot be held accountable for inconsistencies.
  • If we fail to comply with your initially mentioned instructions, then you can avail unlimited free revisions.
  • Additional work that was not mentioned while placing the order shall not be entertained while an ongoing revision is under process.
  • There will be extra charges for any additional work depending on the priority, word count limit and the nature of work.
  • No revisions shall be provided on Sundays or holidays.
  • Within 15 days of delivery, the revision can be requested for orders having 250 to 5000 words. After 15 days, revisions shall be charged accordingly.
  • Within 30 days of delivery, the revision can be requested for orders having more than 5000 words. After 30 days, revisions shall be charged accordingly.
  • Revisions shall be provided to students within 8 to 12 hours for an order having a deadline of 24 hours.
  • Revisions shall be provided to students within 24 hours for an order having a deadline of 48 hours.
  • At the least, three working days will be required to deliver a revision of an order(s) having 5000 to 9,750 words.
  • At the least five-seven working days will be required to deliver a revision of an order(s) having 10,000 words or more.

For more information, you can contact us.

Refund Policy

Academic Writing Experts offers unlimited revision feature for their clients to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Have a look at our extensive refund policy. We request all our valued customers to read all stated terms on this page to know how and when a refund can be claimed.

  • While placing an order you must agree to given policies.
  • Any demand for refund will not be entitled for 100% money back.
  • The company as, its service charges will retain 50% of the total amount. The exception of full refund is only when a student receives a failing grade, i.e. F on the order delivered from our forum or there is more than 30% plagiarism found in the order delivered by us.
  • Refund will only be issued to students after they provided authentic proof(s).
  • Refunds will not be furnished after 30 days of order delivery.
  • All orders claiming for a refund will be investigated thoroughly. This process may take 30 days.
  • We here like to may clear that the amount of refund is solely decided by the owner of the company. The amount varies depending amount the number of services you have availed including revisions and rewrite.
  • The company will not process refunds for orders that were placed 48 hours and less deadline.
  • The company will not process refunds for dissertations that had a deadline of 10 days or less.

For more information, you can contact us here.

Privacy Policy

At Academic Writing Experts, we aim to provide the highest quality of work to all of our clients. Moreover, along with the quality of work that we provide we also ensure that all of the information provided by customers is kept safe and undisclosed to any unauthorized third party person.

For the above reason, we have in place a strict privacy policy that governs the way in which we handle this information. It is important for all viewers to familiarize themselves with our policies before engaging with any of our services as utilization of our services is significant of the user’s agreement to all of our policies.

It is also important to note that policies are routinely evaluated and altered as deemed necessary. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the clients to keep themselves updated with all of our policies.

Information Accumulation:

Clients are asked to submit information regarding themselves, in order to utilize our services. This includes their username, password, and email address.

Security Of Private Information:

Every client’s private information is kept secure from theft and is not disclosed to any other third party person, as stated in the Data Protection Act. Also according to the Data Protection Act, we will have to disclose any information that is needed by the law.

Information Of Visits To The Website:

We collect some information regarding visits made to our website. This includes information such as the viewer’s IP addresses or the content viewed by the viewer, for the sake of providing a customized service to clients.

Relay Of Information Regarding Products And Services:

All of our services are available for viewership or use on our website. We may also communicate information about our services and discounts via SMS, phone calls, or emails; as preferred by the client.

Accessing Personal Logs:

We do not share any information about any client with any unauthorized person. However, clients may access their logs by sending an email to our legal team and clearing the security check. This may involve the concerned client to answer their ‘secret question’, to confirm their identity.