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The concept of a SWOT analysis came into being as there was an immersive need for criteria that would encourage long term planning. As a result, Albert Humphrey, a researcher at the Stanford Research Institute, coined the idea of a SWOT analysis with his team of fellow researchers. This idea was implemented to assess the overall performance of an organization by evaluating its parts. Due to the effectiveness of this system, the proposal of a SWOT analysis gained immense popularity, which exists to this day.

Consequently, the majority of the organizations use this tool as a method of evaluation as well as the formulation of strategies. Following from this, higher degree educational institutions have added the SWOT analysis as a part of their curriculum. This project is assigned in various courses, which require students to conduct either a personal SWOT analysis or a SWOT analysis of an organization.

However, for inexperienced university students, the task of carrying out a SWOT analysis is relatively difficult. These individuals lack the resources, data as well as the time required to perform this task efficiently. Hence, Academic Writing Experts has launched its SWOT analysis service for students partaking in any field. The execution of this project, by our service, always yield outstanding results. The writers at our facility hold a background in business management fields. Thus they have the experience as well as the instinctual skills that are necessary to conduct a comprehensive SWOT analysis. Hence, in the tradition of seeking opportunities, students can reap the benefits of our services by attaining top grades!

Benefits Of A SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis evaluates an organization by considering its: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. From this data, the business s managerial staff can understand the progress of the company and construct long term plans that allow the organization to thrive. Consequently, this tool of evaluation becomes the basis for the company s future planning.

On that account, the student s SWOT analysis project mandates the comprehensive research in the elements above, along with a list of suggested measures, the business owner can take to increase the efficiency of the website. The SWOT analysis assignments constructed by Academic Writing Experts include the following features:


Essentially, we start the project by identifying the strengths of the organization under discussion. In most cases, the professors assign students to a case that has to be evaluated. In such cases, our writers can get a head start on the project. Essentially, the writers rigorously scan the document in search of factors that contribute to organization s profit. Furthermore, we find the company s competitive advantage and highlight it by providing a rationale for our selection. However, in case a topic is not given, our research department conducts an in-depth search to find the statistical data to work with.


As our writers have a background in business management, these individuals are skilled in analyzing the weaknesses instantly. Hence, for a SWOT analysis project, the writers identify the areas of improvement in a company, and consequently, express them in a formal, refined manner.


Next, we carefully read between the lines to find opportunities for the company in the next five to ten years, as per the requirement of the course. This information is presented in a concise yet elaborate manner so that it can be built upon.


The last section of the SWOT analysis constitutes of a segment highlighting the threats to the company. To write this section, we utilize the research department who search for competing organizations that can potentially harm the business under investigation.

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