Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Academic Writing Experts, we aim to provide the highest quality of work to all of our clients. Moreover, along with the quality of work that we provide we also ensure that all of the information provided by customers is kept safe and undisclosed to any unauthorized third party person.

For the above reason, we have in place a strict privacy policy that governs the way in which we handle this information. It is important for all viewers to familiarize themselves with our policies before engaging with any of our services as utilization of our services is significant of the user’s agreement to all of our policies.

It is also important to note that policies are routinely evaluated and altered as deemed necessary. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the clients to keep themselves updated with all of our policies.

Information Accumulation:

Clients are asked to submit information regarding themselves, in order to utilize our services. This includes their username, password, and email address.

Security Of Private Information:

Every client’s private information is kept secure from theft and is not disclosed to any other third party person, as stated in the Data Protection Act. Also according to the Data Protection Act, we will have to disclose any information that is needed by the law.

Information Of Visits To The Website:

We collect some information regarding visits made to our website. This includes information such as the viewer’s IP addresses or the content viewed by the viewer, for the sake of providing a customized service to clients.

Relay Of Information Regarding Products And Services:

All of our services are available for viewership or use on our website. We may also communicate information about our services and discounts via SMS, phone calls, or emails; as preferred by the client.

Accessing Personal Logs:

We do not share any information about any client with any unauthorized person. However, clients may access their logs by sending an email to our legal team and clearing the security check. This may involve the concerned client to answer their ‘secret question’, to confirm their identity.

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