Best Poets from the Romantic Era

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When it comes to literature, you cannot ignore one of the most beautiful eras of the art that is the Romantic era. The poets and writers that originated during this period went on to become the greatest of the times, and their poetry is famous even today from its raw and vulnerable nature. The movements… Read More

Eight types of teachers you will find in every college

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There is a popular saying that “Teaching is a walk in the park… If that park is Jurassic Park”. Well, considering the obnoxious animal-like behavior of students, we can’t agree more on this! Every teacher possesses different methods and styles of teaching. While some use strictness to control students, others use friendliness to create an… Read More

Eight annoying classmates everyone has

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College is the breeding ground of many sweet and sour memories. No matter how much you hate attending boring lectures and homework, one thing you’ll definitely admit after graduation is that “It was one of a hell ride!” From pulling pranks on friends to getting in a fight with annoying classmates, there are always the… Read More

5 Ways To Be a Responsible College Student

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When we think about making a difference in the world, huge pictures of Helen Keller and Audre Lorde come to our minds but starting the change with individual accountability is what truly matters today. We stand at the brink of a moral and economic crisis as one of the most urgent issues right now is… Read More

6 Unusual Christmas Traditions

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Realising that Santa is not real was quite an eye-opener as a kid and marked the end of childhood for most of us. But do you know that some countries celebrate Christmas with traditions that come straight out of fairytales?   While decorating the tree and gifts are common among all, let’s look at some… Read More

Getting Old Sucks No Matter What Anybody Tells You

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Ageing is inevitable. No matter how well you take care of your body and how much you try to blend in with the millennial, the fact is that you’re going to get old. Grey hair and wrinkles are the superficial things that can be daunting at first. However, the true horror lies within health problems,… Read More

7 Tips on Presenting the Paper to an Audience

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For every young researcher, it is a dream to get selected for presenting their paper at an academic conference, and while this is a thrilling experience, you need proper guidelines to ensure you captivate the audience.   This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you should be thoroughly prepared for making a mark among the masses.… Read More

How To Study Smartly?

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You stay up all night revising a topic and walk in the exam hall with all the notes dancing in front of your eyes. The idea of exam induces anxiety, but you are hopeful that all your hard work will finally pay off. But wait, the result card says you failed? How is that possible?… Read More

What Happened to Asking Questions in Class?

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“What is that”, “How do we say it”, and “why are we here” are questions that constitute the daily vocabulary of growing children. Their curious minds always want to know more, but why do children stop asking questions when they move to schools. In the 1960s, experts concluded that public schools were actively damaging the… Read More

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Research Topic In Psychology

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Researches in psychology offer you the advantage of studying any topic that provokes your interest. Rather than conforming to a certain outline, the field of psychology provides you with the opportunity to study anything and everything. Despite having this leverage, most students struggle with finding a topic for their psychological research. The following guide can… Read More