Original Thinking In Essay Writing

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Original Thinking In Essay Writing

Research writing is, by default, a repetitive process. Research requires you to go through piles of previously published work that is going to be rewritten for the audience. This makes research a hard task to make authentic and original. If tens and hundreds of people have given their opinion on a matter; finding original thought on the matter is going to be a hard and arduous task. We are here to help you out.

In this blog, we will give you simple and easy tricks to make your content original.

  • Toughen Up Your Questions: When you read an article, you should perform a literary and critical analysis of the work that you are reading. Where was the research right and where was it wrong? What makes the work that you are reviewing credible and where does it fail in thought and credibility. These queries make for a great ‘originality booster’. The more you criticise and evaluate the secondary sources for their validity; more original your thought will be.
  • Start With The Bad News: Start with revaluating your weak points yourself. You need to present the problems in your argument, yourself. Present the limitations of your argument in the beginning so that it doesn’t bog down your research later. You will need to present the argument strongly before you start to present the positive points in your research. This makes your research strong.
  • Free Writing: Free writing is and will always be a great tool for writing well. It will make you think originally and will make you see the argument in various new ways. The arguments will become clearer to you once you have written them down on a piece of paper and seen them with fresh pair of eyes.
  • Group Discussion: Group discussion is a great tool for learning academic writing and strengthening your points. You should consider discussing the points with your peers and have a friendly debate. This provokes creative thinking as your point of view is challenged and refreshed by a peer.
  • Watch Relevant Videos: Watching videos on your topic of research is a great way to make your research credible and strong. Watching your research being discussed in a visual medium makes it strong and makes your work shine through. Watch movies and videos on your topic even if you find a fiction piece that is interesting, start with it. It makes your writing strong and gives your words life that is hard to copy.
  • Hierarchical Heuristic: This list is created as a way to solve problems. The person will make a list of all the solutions and ideas that can be associated with answering the research query. Then one will choose the three best solutions in the list and make an intricate web of design that will solve the problem.

So these are our tips for writing your research with originality. Your research will show the work that is done previously but come at it with originality. Academic Writing Experts is a leading academic writing team. Call now!

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