Never Heard Before, Interesting Facts About Writing

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Never Heard Before, Interesting Facts About Writing

Students may have never known about the fact that when a person writes they are able to utilize all four lobes of the brain, but that is necessarily all that is to the process of writing. The more you search, the deeper you look, the more interesting things you will find about. Sure we all agree that writing is certainly not everyone’s favorite pastime hobby, but here are some interesting facts which will let you change the way you looked at it first:

Fact 1:

There is such a term as ‘mogigraphia which means ‘writer’s cramp’ and is used to describe a task specific muscle cramp in the hands.

Fact 2:

When someone says they are suffering from ‘colygraphia’ then you should know they are mentioning ‘writer’s block’ which translates to the inability of a person to generate fresh new ideas in order to proceed with their writing.

Fact 3:

Agatha Christie, the English playwright, author, and novelist suffered from ‘dysgraphia’ (a disease related to the functioning of the brain that damages the ability of a person to write). For this reason she would always dictate her work to another person to write it down for her.

Fact 4:

The fastest alphanumerical typist ever recorded was an English lady: Barbara Blackburn who could write 150 words per minute for a duration of 50 minutes. Though her top speed for shorter duration has been recorded at 212 words per minute.

Fact 5:

An average ballpoint pen can offer you a 5 mile straight non-stop line, however surprisingly a No. 2 pencil, on the other hand, can go seven times further, topping at 35 miles.

Fact 6:

When you talk about the English language, the shortest complete sentence in all of its glory is simply ‘I am’.

Fact 7:

‘Pangram’ is a sentence which contains all the letters of the alphabet, for example, The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Fact 8:

The longest word in English isn’t “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” but instead it is “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis” which is a kind of a lung disease. No wonder since it will make any person run out of breath just pronouncing these two words only.

Fact 9:

There such things such as a ghost word which actually mean nothing and has originated from errors, misjudgments and misrepresentations. Examples include droid, ghast, akimbo, hammock etc.

Fact 10:

there is no doubt that the shortest and most commonly used word is also the oldest. Yep, you guessed it right, it is ‘I’.

Fact 11:

Our linguistic capabilities are so fluent in their genesis, that in every two hours another new word is added to our dictionary.

Fact 12:

Crutch words are those words which we tend to repeat often in our manner of speech and how we write, such as: basically, honestly, actually etc.

Fact 13:

Ambigrams are those words that if they are turned upside down, they will tend to be the same, for example SWIM, philosophy (needs artwork) and lots more.

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