How To Study Smartly?

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You stay up all night revising a topic and walk in the exam hall with all the notes dancing in front of your eyes. The idea of exam induces anxiety, but you are hopeful that all your hard work will finally pay off. But wait, the result card says you failed? How is that possible? You put in so much effort and yet the result is the same?

Many students around the world face challenges when it comes to working hard but not smart. They store plenty of information inside their minds but are unable to apply it during their exams. If you are one of them, then you need to take a critical look at your learning methods and techniques.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the exams, only this time it is going to be smart studying.

Review Notes ASAP

One thing that teachers have been telling students since grade one is that they should review the lecture as soon as it is taught in class. And yet nobody takes the advice seriously. One of the common attributes of high achievers is that they do not wait for the last moment to cram everything. They go home, revise the lecture every day so their brains can store information for a long period. Often, when you study the night before, it is possible to forget everything the next day because it is processed by short-term memory.

Utilize Different Sources

Relying on your notes and textbooks might help you get through basics, but exam questions are much more complicated. Therefore, always look for multiple resources to develop better understandings of the concept. Sometimes, missing a key point from the class lecture can make it difficult for you to connect with the topic and this can cost you your grade. So, you should access libraries or online resources like cheap essay writing service to obtain assistance for the task.

Understand the Concept

Now you may be trying to memorize every formula present in the textbook so that you can solve most of the exam equations. But that’s not how you should plan your learning. One of the reasons why students are not able to perform better in exams they have studied hard for is because they do not comprehend the depth of the topic. The memorization of surface knowledge fails when the exam questions require applications of theories. For instance, if you are learning a formula, try to understand the background of its derivation and this would solidify your concepts.


The best way to remember your learning material is to summarize the information about various topics into key points and flashcards. Use colorful pens for different concepts as the visuals will grab your attention and help you improve your understanding. Make sure that you prepare flashcards at least a week before the exam, so you do not have to spend hours trying to review all the notes. Also, you can test your knowledge with the assistance of key points.

Teach Your Peers

Teaching is the best way to learn. When you are confident about your understanding of a certain topic, try to put it into words by assisting someone else. This would not just clear your concepts but saying the information out loud will help you remember it for a longer period. Also, your peers might ask you questions, and this would prove to be the test of your knowledge. However, never give out wrong information if you are unsure as this practice would damage their understanding, too.

Use Mnemonics and Songs

Ever wondered why your brain remembers random song lyrics but refuses to memorize the material you learned consciously? Researchers from The New York Times suggest that this is because your brain takes time to absorb new information and tries to find patterns to connect it to the previous sources. Therefore, try to incorporate concepts with the songs you already know or make mnemonics that your mind can easily remember during exam times.

These are some of the effective methods to ensure that you never fail a test again. Just keep revising to strengthen your grasp on the information, and you would never have to spend your night panicking before the exam!

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