How to Retain Information when You Study for a Test

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Many students have a complaint that even though they had studied hard, they were still unable to recall the concepts and theories at the time of their test. The moment they read the first question, their mind went blank and they could not remember the correct answer no matter how hard they wracked their brains.


So why did this unfortunate incident happen with the student? The answer stems down to their studying techniques. Students assume that since they have read the entire chapter, they are well-prepared and ready to give their quiz. On the contrary, there is more that they have to do to make sure that whatever they studied, they can retain and recall at the time of their test.


Here are some tips and techniques students can make use of to help them understand where they went wrong and how they can make sure to retain the information they study for their test.    


Write it down


Once you have studied a topic, write down the important points on a piece of paper. This practice is a sure way of knowing whether you are able to remember what you have memorized. Some students like to practice writing on a blackboard or a whiteboard, whatever they have in their homes. Writing with a chalk or a marker makes it all more fun for them to revise and go over their concepts.  


Try to study at a time when it suits you 


You may think it doesn’t matter where or what time you study for your test but the truth is that it plays a pivotal role in helping you retain the information you have studied. Some students find that they are easily able to memorize and retain the important points if they wake up early in the morning. Others prefer to study during the night time when the entire house is fast asleep. It’s all up to you to decide which timeframe suits you best; either early morning when you wake up fresh or at night when it’s quiet.


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Make a review planner


To memorize and retain, you have to go over your concepts repeatedly. One effective way to go about this would be to make a planner so that what you have memorized today, you review after so many days and then again after a couple of days. If you memorize one day and feel that you have done enough, you will feel crushed when you find that you cannot recall what you had memorized while doing your test. Keeping a review planner, you will make it a point to constantly go over your concepts so that it automatically becomes engrained in your mind.


Record your notes and listen to them occasionally


This tip is sure to be a fool proof plan to help you easily retain the information you have memorized. Recording and hearing your memorized part, again and again, every few minutes will help you engrain the concepts in your mind. You can play your tapes while you are waiting at the dentist’s office or traveling on a bus. This way, your time will be utilized and you will have no trouble memorizing and retaining the topics that will be asked in your test.


Do past papers with timed practice


One of the studying techniques that teachers recommend for their students to help them retain their concepts is by practicing past paper questions. Since you will be asked questions in your test along the same lines, this practice will help you understand where you lie in terms of your preparations. You will understand whether you have memorized the concepts well enough to complete the questions on time.


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In the end, it all comes down to how well the student performed in their tests and examinations. Every student has their studying techniques and manner which they find works best for them. However, if students face difficulty in retaining the information they have studied, then they should look into other approaches like the ones mentioned above.   

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