How To Reduce Your Dissertation Writing Time By Half

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How To Reduce Your Dissertation Writing Time By Half

Dissertation writing, especially if you are a busy, tired-out, exhausted student, is hectic enough to make any sensible person seriously consider the idea of giving up studies altogether. After all, when you do consider all the things, projects, research work and studies that a final year university student is expected to do, there is little else to look forward to, except a time when studies will not be the only feature of your hectic, stressed out life. In fact, that would be a time when you could actually talk about having a life in the first place!

Giving up studies, is not the most sensible course of action though. Understanding your situation, and facing up to the reality of it would be a far better option at this point in time. At the moment, one of the most important aspects of university life, even during the final year, is the many projects that are handed out to students as part of their regular homework. This is in addition to the dissertation that they are also expected to write. For this reason, most students just do not have the time to devote to dissertation writing, with most of them also admitting to only being able to work at their dissertation once in the entire week. Here are some great ways to utilise that time to the utmost and actually make sure that your dissertation is ready in time for submission.

#1 Design a framework

Dissertations follow a general pattern. They need to have a basic introduction, body and conclusion. The content that is being used within the framework naturally varies yet the basics remain the same. For this reason, working with a dissertation framework where you allow yourself the opportunity to work within set guidelines is an excellent way of getting all the points in and completing your work within time.

#2 Work with answering a lot of basic questions

The why’s, how’s, and why-not’s of any work are all the same. Begin by asking yourself questions. What is the study about? What is the purpose of this study? Who will benefit from the work? Why is it important? How can it be put to better, more practical use. Once all of these questions are in front of you, it is easier to research for the work by focusing on information that could help answer all these questions.

#3 Define your outlines

The outlines are just as important. Define them by understanding what needs to be written in each of the different aspects of the dissertation. The outlines need to have some sort of introductory paragraphs embedded within them. Work on those a little further to align it better to the topic at hand.

#4 Great headlines/ subheads work

Breaking up the monotony of the work is just as important. It gets tedious and boring having to write on and on about a topic that is most probably dry and will get dull in between also. Break up the monotony with appropriate headlines. Make them more interesting also to attract readers.

#5 Just write!

Everything is set. All the research is by your side. Everything is organised. Just start putting everything to words now. Keep writing and finish the dissertation, even when all you feel like doing is stopping and resting!

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