How A Student Feels After Writing A Lengthy Assignment

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How A Student Feels After Writing A Lengthy Assignment

Yup, that statement is intriguing and exciting enough and yet we all know that there is a simple, one word answer that applies here: exhausted, like they have been put through the wringer and all their energy sapped out if them is the right answer here. That, and only that, is how a student feels after writing a lengthy assignment.

Yet, to sit together with us and complain about the stress that lengthy assignments can place on an individual… that is not the reason why you are here, is it? You need a solution to how to refresh yourself a little once you have completed all your work. Well, the first step to correcting any problems is to identify the problems themselves, so in that spirit, here are the feelings that you will experience and how to deal with them in a sensible manner.

Understanding, And Dealing, With Your Feelings

The monotonous and yet important task of completing long assignments means that students have to face up to a lot of stress as far as their work is concerned. Some of the most dominating of feelings that students experience include:

Feeling Frazzled And Out Of Sorts

Grumpiness, grouchiness, a tendency to get into lots of arguments with anyone unwise enough to cross your path… no these are not the side effects of partying long and hard the night before… they are simply the traits students most commonly exhibit after a long and tedious assignment that they had to complete.

Feeling Stressed Out Thinking Of What Comes Next

Worrying about the kind of work you have done and the sort of grades you will get is a natural enough phenomenon as far as students are concerned. However, even more crucial is what happens once students are set to complete a task. Even though you manage to finish the work, the stress of whether or not you have managed to do a good job remains, and this added stress only serves to make students more anxious.

Going Paranoid… Literally!

It gets even better here. The fact remains that it is not just one reading that we are referring to here. No, for the average student, it takes at least two to three readings to remove over 90% of the mistakes that they might have made.

Makes You Feel Really Worried About All The Challenges Involved

And then of course, there comes the whole challenge of repeating the process, not once, nor twice, but constantly, every time that any one of your many teachers sets you an assignment, for any one of the subjects that you are studying, and you are expected to complete it.

Cynically consider if this is what ‘brain drain’ feels like

Note to readers: Nope, we all know brain drain is quite a different phenomenon, but the term does seem sort of sensational here, doesn’t it? It’s more energy draining taking place here, rather than brains oozing out, but you get the point. Why not save yourself the trouble and get professional help from Academic Writing Experts today!

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