Getting Old Sucks No Matter What Anybody Tells You

By paul on Thursday, February 13th, 2020 in No Comments

Ageing is inevitable. No matter how well you take care of your body and how much you try to blend in with the millennial, the fact is that you’re going to get old. Grey hair and wrinkles are the superficial things that can be daunting at first. However, the true horror lies within health problems, emotional dependency, and an impending sense of doom since death is right around the corner.
When you get old, you will be faced with numerous problems and challenges, no matter how cautious you stay or how much you try to avoid the obstacles. From cognitive impairments to a constantly deteriorating health, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed and out of control. No matter what lie movies try to sell you, you can’t fall for it. Yes, with age, you get experience, but your bladder also becomes weak, and your memory diminishes. People might find you philosophical and wise, but at the same time, they would think of you as a burden that needs pampering and care. You will be of no use to the younger generation and they would label you a “boomer” out of annoyance.
Hence, below is a list of problems that comes with old age.


• Physiological problems

One of the most substantial changes that you will observe is that of your deteriorating health. Malnutrition, weaker immune system, endocrine disorders, loss of teeth, infections, fevers, and tremors are all part and parcel of old age. From the loss of skin elasticity to the receding hairline, your body will experience rapid changes. As soon as you hit the 40s, your entire digestive system, reproductive system, and of course, the cardiovascular system will face massive changes. You can try to eat a healthy diet, drink lots of water, avoid alcohol and drugs, but these changes are inevitable. Arthritis and loss of muscle control will also cause serious influence in your entire demeanour.


• Mental health issues

An essential part of growing older is losing the people you love along the way. This isn’t simply about the ones who left you and found a better life with someone else. This is a matter of death. Grief will become a concrete part of your life ahead. Be it family, friends, neighbours or teachers; you will get the chance to see many people depart from this temporary life. These goodbyes will take a toll on your mental health and may possibly push you in the direction of depression and anxiety.
Furthermore, memory loss will become a constant part of your life. Your children or caregivers would remind you about the medications and routine check-ups, and you would find it increasingly difficult to follow instructions or directions. This will be frustrating and agitating and will cause intense emotional turmoil.


• Social problems

When you grow old, you feel a humble reminder from the world that no matter what happens to you, life will go on. Hence, you won’t be the go-to person for your kids anymore. They will find you to be a burden, which will most likely affect your self-esteem. The role-reversal is often hard to adjust to, and in the midst of this, you may often feel isolated and lonely.


• Sensory impairment

Lastly, another unavoidable part of ageing is the loss of sensory impairment. Your eyesight will become poor. There will be hearing difficulties to stammering and slowing down of speech. You will gradually notice that your body will not be the same as before.

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