Eight types of teachers you will find in every college

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There is a popular saying that “Teaching is a walk in the park… If that park is Jurassic Park”. Well, considering the obnoxious animal-like behavior of students, we can’t agree more on this! Every teacher possesses different methods and styles of teaching. While some use strictness to control students, others use friendliness to create an engaging environment.

Regardless of boring lectures and tough assignments, we all have immense respect for our teachers from the depths of our hearts! No matter how tough their classes are, they play a significant role in building up and raising us as good humans!

Thus, essay writing service has classified teachers according to their traits, tone and teaching styles. So, if you’re a teacher, scroll down and have a little sneak peek into how students classify teachers and figure out in which category do you fall.

1. The Control-Freak Teacher

From micromanaging students to implementing “law and order,” the control freak teachers know how to police their students. You don’t even have the liberty to drink water and to go the washroom without their permission. So you better hold all your natural emergencies during their class! The word “flexibility” is probably not in their dictionary and if you come one minute late to the class, you might have to spend all the time standing outside the room.

2. The Know-It-Ill Teacher

Just like the facts that the earth orbits around the sun and gravity has a force on physical objects, the know-it-all teachers are also always right! They are specialized in all the best teaching approaches, and you can’t really argue on that! They will separately email every other teacher the whole rule book about “how to behave in the class”. They know what topic is right and what is wrong for students, so don’t think of bringing any “controversial topic” in their class.

3. The Teachers With Motherly Instincts

They are probably the most favorite of every student in college. They are always around to extend motherly support. From academic problems to depressing personal issues, they have solutions that can exactly hit the nail on the head. When you are at your worst, they are always there to let you know that it’s going to be OK! The comfort you get in your mother’s lap is what you feel when they are around!

4. The Overly-Organized Teacher

This person is overly obsessive when it comes to organizing things. They are crazy about their board markers, notebooks, lamination, color-combination files, and their notice boards. They take great offence if anyone touches their precious markers. Their lectures are always well-planned and composed with assigned tasks, topics and assignments. You can’t really play around with the deadlines, as they have all things jotted down in their personal journal!

5. The Cool Teacher

This person knows how to add fun to the boring lectures. From adding hilarious one-liners in lectures to funny pranks on students, cool teachers know how to make the process of learning interesting and fun! They probably have a doctorate in sarcasm and we find it really amusing! They inspire kids to be more creative and enthusiastic. They propose out-of-the-box thinking and push students to be more critical rather than passive. These teachers can be your friend and the mentor even after you leave your school.

6. The Fashionable Teacher!

This teacher always wears a matching bag and shoes every day. Their makeup remains intact throughout the day, which makes us wonder how do they even do it? No matter what the situation may be, they always manage to look perfect, and regardless of their age, they follow every fashion trend like it’s their duty!

7. The Burnt-Out Teacher

This teacher always makes you feel like they hate their job. Well, at some point every teacher gets burnt out but this person especially has a tired face throughout the day. This person seems tired of everything around them and you may find them sleeping during the teachers meeting or even in the classroom.

8. The Badass Teacher

This person gets pissed real soon! It’s probably not a good idea to have disagreements with this person. Badass teachers have the weirdest ways of punishing students that ever existed. There is a high chance of getting humiliated if you ever tried to be over smart during their lectures. They know when you’re texting in the class as nobody just stares down at their crotch and smiles. Also, you should better come up with a legit excuse of not doing your homework because this person can read your mind and detect your lies.

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