Eight annoying classmates everyone has

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College is the breeding ground of many sweet and sour memories. No matter how much you hate attending boring lectures and homework, one thing you’ll definitely admit after graduation is that “It was one of a hell ride!” From pulling pranks on friends to getting in a fight with annoying classmates, there are always the moments that will stick to your memory lane forever.

Speaking of annoying classmates, there are always a few annoying students in every class you definitely don’t adore. From the know-it-all gang to the bossy backbenchers, best essay writing service brings you a list of the most obnoxious people you’ll ever run into in your classroom.

1. The unfunny comedians

These self-proclaimed standup comedians are usually found on the front desk, anticipating for a chance to make any “funny” not so funny comment. Little do they know that their humor is not just annoying but downright painful! All we want them to do is to shut up and just hold back their humor for once!

2. Hermione Granger!

This person is always obligated to remind teachers about due assignments and quizzes! Even if the teacher has clearly forgotten and we can easily get away with the quiz, they will not miss the opportunity! This person thinks of themselves as Gandhi, always on high morals! And we all hate it!

Who remembers everything in the textbook? They do! Who submits assignments a week before the deadline? They do! Who knows every single element in the periodic table? Obviously, they do! The most annoying thing about this person is that they bring all the irrelevant arguments and information, which is not even relevant to the subject! All they want is to prove that they are the smartest and the most knowledgeable person in the whole class. Yes! We got it, now shut up!

3. The one with a runny nose

This person has flu throughout the year. Especially in the morning classes, the constant sound of sniffling begins to ring in the ear, and it gets even worse by the end of the lecture. All you want to do is scream and yell at them “Just blow your nose already!” or consult a good ENT at least! It gets more unbearable when this person decides to sit next to you and transfer all the germs, so you end up getting the flu the next day. Well, you can’t really complain about that either!

4. The Askhole

This person knows how to waste useful class time by asking silly and dumb questions. Sometimes, we get amused and feel grateful for wasting the time of class, especially when the teacher is planning for a surprise quiz. But it gets really annoying when the person decides to ask questions just before the lunch break and the teacher drags the whole class and hijacks our break time! Most of the questions go like “when is our next assignment due?” “What’s coming in the exam?” Dude, you can easily answer those questions just by a glance at the syllabus or course outline!


5. The talker

The talkers have specialized in preying young teachers by their obnoxious awkward personal talks, which no one has a slightest of interest in! They can ramble on for 10 minutes straight, ranting about some critical world crises or political issue that no one else understands. It is probably associated with their personal life in a highly uncomfortable way possible.

6. The Frat stars

You can spot them from a mile away by their Sperry’s. The ones who insist on using the word “bro” in each of their sentences. They are the ones who usually come five minutes late to class without any slightest of guilt. They openly admit that they don’t even have a textbook or a pen to write. They disturb the whole class with their stupid not-so-funny voices. Even the nail scratching against the chalkboard sounds much better!

7. The sleepyheads

These are was always found on the backbenches, spending the whole time sleeping. They usually wakeup with the clapping noise, and start clapping the same time pretending to know what’s happening! And their audacity to nudge you and ask “what’s happening in the class?” is super annoying! They give zero attention to the lecture or the homework. And all we can think of is “How do they even pass the semester?”

8. The awkward Teacher’s sycophant

This person can do anything to be in the good books of the teacher. They are equipped with subpar social skills that can get weird real fast! All those unnecessary teacher’s day cards and awkward birthday presents are their tactics to impress the teachers. They also have the nerve to ask personal questions amidst the lecture like “when will you bring your daughter in the class?” and while this certainly draws a few awkward chuckles, most of the students only roll their eyes at the absurdity.

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