Dissertation Writing: Do’s and Don’ts

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Dissertation Writing: Do’s and Don’ts

Dissertation writing is neither an easy task nor is it so unimportant that a student may simply ignore it altogether simply because they do not wish to work at some task that feels too difficult to be done comfortably enough. However, with the dissertation, students just do not have any excuses that would allow them to shirk the task at hand and instead concentrate on something else they would rather be doing. However, there are some tricks that could help students make dissertation writing easier for themselves. Here are some of the:

The Do’s Of Dissertation Writing

Research sufficiently

Not conducting your research very thoroughly before beginning the work means that the student in question will be in a conundrum when the time to actually write out the dissertation comes around. In this case, it is an excellent idea to actually conduct sufficient research to get started on the writing part of the project and then to continue researching even when working.

Define methods adequately

When working on your dissertation, it is easy to get confused when working and then to begin making small mistakes that detract from the overall quality of the paper itself. In this case, it is important to realize that clearly defining the research methods you will be using in the actual research and data collection process is important. Introducing the methods allows the student to remove any ambiguity regarding the same from their dissertation.

Get help from your supervisor

Most students make the cardinal mistake of not consulting their supervisor enough when working on their dissertation. This is not to indicate that calling your supervisor or professor is okay no matter the time of the day or night. What is important, however, is listening to and working according to the feedback provided by the dissertation in charge. The supervisor is put in place for a purpose, to guide students so ignoring them or not asking for help is just not a great idea!

The Don’ts Of Dissertation Writing

Do not repeat yourself!

The dissertation itself is one of the longest projects that a student would have to pen in their academic career, in which case it is quite difficult. In fact, with a project of this length to work on, it is easy to end up repeating oneself during the process. It is a good idea, therefore, to make a plan before writing so that the chances of repeating or rephrasing one part of the work under another heading in the dissertation is minimized.

Do not use figures inappropriately

The methodology section of the dissertation is often one where students, mistakenly, end up putting in figures, graphs, and pictures. While these may to a certain extent, and then very appropriately, be placed in other parts of the research work, make sure you know what you are doing before inserting in a picture or graph where it is not needed!

Over emphasizing on the positive aspects of the work

Finally, it is important that students realize why they are actually working on a research project in the first place; because there was a problem in a certain aspect of your field of study and you are trying to clear it up as much as possible. That means students will face even more problems during the research process. Over emphasizing on the positive aspects is therefore not a good idea here!

Finally, it is always a great idea to get a fresh pair of eyes to help proof-read or edit your work, or even help you, especially with those parts of the writing that are too difficult. Feel free to contact us at Academic Writing Experts for professional help!

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