Disadvantages of Cramming for Tests and Exams

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If you are a student with red eyes, coffee at your side, and books all around you, then it’s a fair inference that your exams are very near and you are cramming for your exams. You thank your lucky stars that at least you don’t have to work on your assignments since you have hired a law coursework writing service to handle your work.  

Students who have been organized and consistent in their studies have a much easier time preparing for examinations because they are not learning the content for the first time. They only need to review their notes. Even their review is in a planned and organized manner. Since they have sweat in peace, they don’t need to bleed in war.

For the inconsistent student who is more casual about their studies, their review time is spent on learning concepts for the first time. Whereas they thought they would be able to cram everything together, they find that they are left with very little time to be well-prepared. The student is sure to receive lower test results, whereas the student may achieve a higher grade.

If you do not want to see this fate on yourself, it’s essential you do your best to study beforehand, so you don’t have to cram on the eleventh hour. Below are some of the disadvantages of cramming for exams:   

Low retention rate

Long term retention only comes when you learn something and review it. The many times you review it, the more strongly it remains in your memory. When you are cramming at the last moment, the retention is temporary. You might memorize a poem or a play or a paragraph and feel very confident in your ability to retain it, but at the time you recall the same matter, you find that what you confidently thought was stored in your mind is now lost.

The purpose of studying should be to understand and retain the information with ease. This cannot be possible for those students who have the habit of cramming for their tests. They might be able to push their body to its limit but all the stuff they are cramming is going to be only temporary and will benefit them in very little amount. The information they study will only be to pass their exams and not for their personal development. 

High anxiety

When you have a few hours to memorize the syllabus, there is a high chance you will start to get beads of sweat and anxiety. Cramming for an exam just a day or hours before you have to take the test can lead to feeling anxiety and fear. 

As the time for your test approaches closer and closer, that’s when it sinks in how much you have to revise. Suddenly, you realize there is a lot of material to cram in a very short time. Now, your planning becomes studying without sleeping or eating. 

In this manner, you are studying with a high level of stress. You might have put in several hours of hard work at the last moment but understanding that you have not retained much and you cannot review well will only give you a panic attack. 


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Wastage of time

Since you are studying too much in too short a time, the chances are that all the syllabus you think you are retaining in your head is getting lost at the same rate as you are taking it in. 

For example, if you are studying history, you are apt to get all the battle dates jumbled up because you didn’t study each event one at a time. If you are doing a computation subject, then you will be confused with all the formulas you have learnt and you will be unable to use the right equation.

If you are not able to produce what you have learnt in your exam, then it’s all just a futile exercise and wastage of time.

Lack of proper sleep

Sleep is a very important factor to keep yourself active and alert. Knowing that you have a very short time in which to cram for your exams, you have no choice but to shorten your sleeping hours. Studies have suggested that excessive and insufficient sleep can affect memory and information processing and other cognitive processes. 

For this reason, it is recommended that students who have a big test tomorrow should try their best to turn in early for the night. Apart from the fact that you will feel well-rested tomorrow, you will also find your mind working at its sharpest.

Lower test results

Many students are carefree and confident that they will be able to score very high. They have confidence in their intelligence and ability to handle stress. However, with the mindset that makes them procrastinate and leave their work for the eleventh hour, they are not able to produce the results they are capable of. 

Cramming for exams is a risk you are taking. When you were studying for the test, you found yourself remembering all the information you were studying. However, there may be a chance you will not be able to remember the material you had studied when giving the test, thus resulting in low grades.    

Feelings of guilt and remorse

One of the reasons why you had to cram for your test maybe because you had procrastinated. You were too caught up watching your favorite TV show, or you were hanging out with your high school sweetheart. 

Now that you absolutely have to sit down, the realization sinks in that if you don’t put yourself to work, it might lead to failure. Now that you realize you have a lot to cover, you wish you had more time to study. You may start to feel guilty about watching a 3-hour movie when you could have covered a chapter of your work, but now, that time is lost.  

Once your results come out, it’s water under the bridge now; at this time, you may start to feel remorse or guilt for not putting in the time and effort into preparing for your exam beforehand. 


Examinations give everyone the jitters. It is the time when the whole term’s efforts are going to be judged to see if you are capable of moving to the next level. Even as examinations gives everyone the jitters, the student who is well-prepared is able to sit in their exams in an assured manner. 

However, there are those kinds of students who have crammed at the last moment and are in a jittery and poor state of anxiety. Rather than putting yourself in such a position, put in the effort and hard work to start your test preparations early and score the marks you are capable of achieving. 

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