Conquering Essay Writing To Pass Your Praxis II Test!

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There is one thing that stands between you and your teacher license- the Praxis II test. The writing section of the Praxis II test asks you to write two essays: Persuasive and informative essays. The time duration allocated for each essay is 30 minutes which is intimidating and requires you to keep your nerves in check.

In the persuasive essay, the writer chooses one side of the picture and provides his audience with the relevant arguments that back up his narrative. Conversely, in the informative essay, the writer keeps his opinions to himself and only states the facts about the topic at hand. For example, for the topic online essay help, a persuasive essay may compel you to avail these services right away, whereas an informative essay will only educate you about their role in your life. Hence, make sure that you keep the different nature of these essays in check during your Praxis II test.

Some common steps to write a successful essay of both persuasive and informative essay are listed below:

Read the Question Statement: Read the essay question statement over and over again to perfectly gauge what the question is hinting at- is it asking to describe, mention, illustrate or state? Also, identify your keywords in the question and move on to the next step.

Gather Your Ideas: After identifying your target, you may have a lot of ideas about the topic, ensure that you list each one down. Stem your notions further to produce new ideas to discuss in your essay.

Plan Your Essay: Once you have your matter sorted, start bringing together the jumbled pieces and jot an image of a powerful essay. Map your sketch and locate the pointers you will incorporate in the essay.

Structure Your Essay: Every essay has three basic sections: the introduction, the main body, and the concluding paragraph.

The introductory paragraph carries the main idea or the theme of the essay via a thesis statement. The opening sentence of an essay is of prime importance since it is responsible for capturing the focus of the reader. If it fails to do so, the essence of the essay is sacrificed, therefore, ensure that your opening sentence is catchy.

The main body of the essay is responsible for defending the narrative build in the thesis statement. For this purpose, the writers are advised to use various facts and figures to add weight to their essay. It is necessary that the quality of the text is maintained throughout the essay because at the end of the day that is what makes an essay standout.

The concluding paragraph should sum the entire crux of the essay into a single paragraph that is impactful yet easy to grasp.

Proofread and Edit: After you are done with the above-listed steps, make sure that you thoroughly check your essay body and correct mistakes.

Congratulations on making this far! Praxis 2 test will also be easy for you if you dedicate your time wisely and prepare smartly. Good luck!

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