7 Tips on Presenting the Paper to an Audience

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For every young researcher, it is a dream to get selected for presenting their paper at an academic conference, and while this is a thrilling experience, you need proper guidelines to ensure you captivate the audience.


This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you should be thoroughly prepared for making a mark among the masses. So here are some guidelines by cheap essay writing service to prepare for it.


  1. Address

Writing your research paper for readers is different because they are consciously investing their time in your paper. With an audience, you have to structure your paper in a way that captures the attention of the listeners, and they comprehend your points as clearly as possible.

For this, you need to address them and make the tone conversational instead of using the complex approach employed while writing the paper for the readers.


  1. Be Prepared for Time

This factor plays a key role in your presentation as you have to structure all your research to fit in the allotted time frame. Usually, research presentations are 20-30 minutes long, but discrepancies are common in such events.

Therefore, make sure you have a brief outline of all your arguments in case your time is cut short and similarly, have some extra information for presentation in case you are given more time.


  1. Structure

Do not start or end your research paper abruptly. Design an introduction to give a brief background of what you are going to present and end it with an impactful and effective closing point. You can also use tools like numbers so the audience can keep track of the information and analyze it in their minds efficiently.


  1. Be Confident

Many of you might be doing it for the first time, and stage fright, coupled with the presence of some mentors might add to the intimidation factor. But you should know that it is your content and you have been selected based on your skills so begin with a strong introduction of yourself and the work. Make sure fidgeting is minimized, and your posture is relaxed.


  1. Maintain Eye Contact

As mentioned above, you need to captivate the audience within the first few seconds so you must deliver your content directly to them. Reading from the paper or looking at the podium might make your presentation bland and boring, so ensure that after asserting each point, you look up to see their reaction. Staring directly at the audience would also help in keeping your voice steady and loud and in no time, your nervousness would disappear.


  1. Practice

An effective way of ensuring that your paper has the potential to impress the masses is to practice it in front of a friend. If the listener is from the same field as you, then that’s a bonus but rehearsing beforehand will give you an idea about your voice, posture and time limits. However, do not overdo it as you might lose enthusiasm when the actual day arrives.


  1. Use Transition Words

When you are introducing a new idea or emphasizing on the previous one with additional information, it is always better to use words like “Furthermore’, ‘Moreover’ etc. to make the audience aware of your knowledge. If you just keep stating the information monotonously, they might lose interest and track of your points, so make sure every idea is well-connected.


So these are the tools you should keep in mind when asked to present your paper at a conference. Remember that no one knows the content better than you do so you just have to make them understand the outlines. You can also make some jokes related to the discipline, but only after consulting your professors as the reaction of the audience might add to your nervousness.


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