5 Ways To Be a Responsible College Student

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When we think about making a difference in the world, huge pictures of Helen Keller
and Audre Lorde come to our minds but starting the change with individual
accountability is what truly matters today.

We stand at the brink of a moral and economic crisis as one of the most urgent issues
right now is that of climate change. If you think that it might be hundreds of years
before the change becomes visible, then you are wrong.

Many third world countries are already experiencing the consequences of depletion,
and it would not be long before it is too late to save the earth. Yes, governments and
multi-billionaire organisations are to be held the most accountable, but we do not
have to wait for them to start the movement.

In fact, contributing daily with minor changes in the lifestyles have known to change
into huge revolutions. So, even if you are a college student, here are some practices
by cheap essay writing services that you can adopt to help with the crisis.




Just think about all the paper you have used in the entire day and then consider the
weight of the trash that this reusable item will account for. From our daily disposable
cups of coffee to plastic forks with Chinese takeouts, all form heaps of non-recycled

So instead of wasting all the waste, you can place them in recycling trash cans on the
campus, so they reach the relevant companies that are reusing trash. Yes, it might
take extra 15 minutes to find the dustbin but do play your part in reducing the waste.


Limit Carbon Footprint

Fossil fuel emission today has made the quality of the air quite low, which has made
it difficult to breathe. Try to minimise your use of cars by adopting healthier habits
like walking or cycling. Now you might think that having your personal vehicle is a
necessity in college, but most of those cars just end up in parking lots, accumulating
fare that you have to pay at the end of the month.

So if your campus is walking or cycling-friendly, utilise your strength. However, if it is
impossible to reach class every day with this routine, then make use of public
transport or carpool with fellow college students to avoid having a huge carbon


Wash the Dishes

Now college is quite difficult because you have to balance academics, social life and
quite often, your part-time jobs, and the last thing you want to see is the dirty dishes
in the sink.
The disposable plates and cups might seem like a fantastic idea but do not opt for
those and just invest in a few items that you can easily wash. If you have a
roommate, then you can put alternate duties on the dishes but save your money by
buying some tableware.




The emphasis on saving paper is high because this is the most important contribution
college students can make today. College books often prove to be quite heavy on the
pocket and therefore, even if your professors advise you to buy a particular textbook,
go online and search for second-hand material.
You can also ask your seniors for help because most of the time, the recommended
books are just a reference, and you don't even use them for the entire year.
Nowadays, technology has saved the issue of carrying or buying books, so check
online libraries and work with the soft copy.


Water Bottles

Having a water bottle is one of the important habits during college as you are
constantly moving from one class to another. So, instead of buying a new one each
time from the cafeteria, get a reusable one. Just refill those from the filters available
on campus and avoid contributing to the landfill in your area.
If you have the habit of sipping on any beverage, especially coffee, during your
studying hours, get a reusable cup, so you don't have to throw away the disposable

So these are some of the ways in which you can help with minimising climate change
and make your lifestyle more eco-friendly. If you adopt these habits, they will not
only become permanent but might also inspire other people to follow your example.

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