How to Cope With Stress and Pressure of Student Life

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Which student does not feel the pressure of studies and examination? This is part and parcel of life at school. However, even with all the different courses and assignments as well as other duties, a student need not feel the brunt of studies on them to an overwhelming extent. There are several ways in which… Read More

The Best Books by Roald Dahl You Should Read

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Roald Dahl is not an unknown name for children of all ages. Having sold about 250 million books worldwide, he is regarded as one of the best-selling children’s authors of all time. Once you get your hands on these books, you will not want to put them down until you finish reading the last page. … Read More

How to Retain Information when You Study for a Test

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Many students have a complaint that even though they had studied hard, they were still unable to recall the concepts and theories at the time of their test. The moment they read the first question, their mind went blank and they could not remember the correct answer no matter how hard they wracked their brains.… Read More

Best Gifts For Your Fathers

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  Your father is someone who deserves all the respect, and this is why you should make sure you are always there for him. When father’s day arrives, you should celebrate the day with the utmost celebrations to make him feel loved because they spend all the years taking care of you.  As parents, they… Read More

Disadvantages of Cramming for Tests and Exams

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If you are a student with red eyes, coffee at your side, and books all around you, then it’s a fair inference that your exams are very near and you are cramming for your exams. You thank your lucky stars that at least you don’t have to work on your assignments since you have hired… Read More

How to Write a Perfect College Admission Essay

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You’ve come a long way and now it’s finally time to start applying to the college of your dreams. Your future is clearer for you. You have selected the subject that you hope to pursue as a profession, and accordingly, you wish to gain admission.   This important step is taken after a lot of… Read More

Why is Studying History Important?

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The 2020 pandemic will be taught in history books and how it halted the world. This makes you wonder how the future generations will look at us and what happened in the previous pandemics or world events. When we read about how previous pandemics impacted the regular order and that now we are living through… Read More

Best Poets from the Romantic Era

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When it comes to literature, you cannot ignore one of the most beautiful eras of the art that is the Romantic era. The poets and writers that originated during this period went on to become the greatest of the times, and their poetry is famous even today from its raw and vulnerable nature. The movements… Read More

Eight types of teachers you will find in every college

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There is a popular saying that “Teaching is a walk in the park… If that park is Jurassic Park”. Well, considering the obnoxious animal-like behavior of students, we can’t agree more on this! Every teacher possesses different methods and styles of teaching. While some use strictness to control students, others use friendliness to create an… Read More

Eight annoying classmates everyone has

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College is the breeding ground of many sweet and sour memories. No matter how much you hate attending boring lectures and homework, one thing you’ll definitely admit after graduation is that “It was one of a hell ride!” From pulling pranks on friends to getting in a fight with annoying classmates, there are always the… Read More